LOOKING FOR YOUR WINGS? Lucy Bloom has mentored and coached founders, CEOs and other professionals for a number of years. She puts the turbo in turbo-charge.

Work with Lucy to change your business, relaunch your career, realise your big idea or implement new structures for success. Engage Lucy to walk you through publishing and promoting your book, moving your entire team to a remote workforce or implementing new policy. Hire Lucy as your sales and marketing coach, communications expert or governance gun.

With a background in advertising, not-for-profit leadership, start-up innovation and education, Lucy has much to offer as your business coach or mentor.

Lucy Bloom business coach mentor

Choose from 24 areas of expertise, which Lucy will help you to fast track. Or you can freeball the areas you need to focus on, week to week. Sometimes it’s contacts and technical understanding that are your stumbling blocks. Sometimes a sounding board and a knowledgable firecracker behind you is exactly what you need.

The Zoom Universe means you can be anywhere on planet earth to access The Lucy Bloom. Just fill in the email form below to receive Lucy’s 24 Areas of Expertise, costings and timings to consider. Start the conversation…

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Lucy was a knowledgeable and invaluable resource for us when she was consulting on our business strategies.  Not only did we love having her in the office, but she delivered when she said she would and we learnt so much. We are now always trying to ‘channel our inner Lucy’. The words ‘what would Lucy do?’ are uttered often in our office!”

Trish Crews, CEO, Aim for the Stars Layne Beachley Foundation

Lucy solves a problem with passion and innovation. She has helped our team rethink our approach to fundraising to make it fun, targeted and emotive. Lucy approached our situation both from structural and tactical angles and provided solutions from re-jigging our business model to recreating our voice for our comms and socials.

Caitlin Barrett, CEO, Love Mercy Foundation

Lucy has taught me so much about cut-through copywriting, understanding our market, humour as a sales tool, profitability metrics and so much more. She’s also a hoot to work with.

Pete Schaffler, National Distributor, Lavilin

I’ve been to a lot of social media marketing sessions in my time, but I learned more in an hour with Lucy than I have in all those sessions put together. She’s brilliant.

Stage Queensland

I’ve had a few coaches in my life, but Lucy stands out. Not only because of her wicked hair but also because of her big heart, brains and infectious quirk. In just one session, she was able to unf*ck my brain — and that’s a big deal.

Cathy Ngo, Founder, Keynoteworthy

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