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The best audiobook memoir is now on CD!

Stirring, straight-talking, incredibly inspiring, funny and full-on – Lucy Bloom is one of a kind, and so is her memoir.

Lucy’s openhearted interest in the world has taken her from jillarooing on a cattle farm to maternity hospitals in Ethiopia, from marshalling a cross-country carnival in northern Uganda to CEO briefings in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Hers has been a life of fighting for the underdog only to find out that, sometimes, the underdog is her. Taking all dramatic life-turns, side-steps and face-plants in her stride, Lucy has rebuilt her life every time, with love and adventure at its heart, plus a side order of mischief.

Rollicking, rude, brimful with joy, and written with a take-no-prisoners, bare-all honesty, this book is a call to arms. It’s a book to make you laugh out loud, nod your head in recognition, re-charge your life and let loose.

‘My deepest wish is that reading this book makes you want to do cool stuff, make plans, launch that business, pack your bags, shave your head, ride that horse, date that hottie, apply for that job, chuck that party – and, most of all, get your girls out, whatever that means for you.’

Soft cover – 243 pages – Published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia
ISBN 978-1-4607-5146-6

Who is recommending this book?

‘This memoir is so full of life and its ups and downs. You will start reading it again as soon as you finish. We are all richer for knowing Lucy.’ Wendy Whiteley, OAM

‘Lucy tells powerful stories of human tenacity and love; she inspires all with her insight into the human spirit.’ Bernard Salt, AM

Men love it too …

‘It’s so funny, insightful, moving and inspiring. This is such a great book and not just for the girls. I actually think most men would really love it too (it’s actually a really important read for men).’ Richard Field, Goodreads

‘As a bloke reading this book there were short parts that were a little uncomfortable to read, and that’s OK because life is filled with uncomfortable truths. What’s important is the book is still an excellent read for blokes …’ Sputnik Sputnik, Goodreads

1 review for Get the Girls Out – CDs x 5

  1. Tanya

    Listening to the author read out their own memoir is surely the very best way to experience a memoir.
    So thank you Lucy for reading this, lisp and all with your very Aussie roughness. It is all YOU and this added immensely to your stories of your colourful (PINK) life! Her stories however are not everyday, her daily life is not the norm or the usual. It involves travel to places most have never been, assisting people in the most genuine ways and experiencing things that are far from mundane.

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