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There is no other conference speaker like Lucy Bloom. She lights up stages all over the world. Her audiences are left moved, motivated, energised and thoroughly entertained with unique, memorable presentations.

Lucy is an energetic conference speaker. Her style is fast-paced and fun, with presentations that are full of learnings to apply to work and life contexts.

Lucy’s areas of expertise are diverse and well applied to a huge range of audience profiles. She speaks on themes which apply to broad business issues from leadership, and communication to business growth and funding. Her audiences are just as diverse as her expertise, from CEOs to board directors, midwives to mortgage brokers, government to small business, educators and agitators. Lucy speaks from experience and from the heart. She is often described as “raw, real and very funny.” She’s a member of the Professional Speakers Association and has been a conference speaker for more than 15 years.

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What clients say about Lucy

From the moment Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to entwine humour and compassion into a clear business message is like no other. Lucy Bloom is a highly recommended speaker.

Tim Carroll, National Partnership Manager, ANZ 

Lucy connects with her audience from the moment she walks on stage to the moment she is applauded off. She tells powerful stories and inspires with her insight into the human spirit. Lucy is an A-lister who delivers with impact every time she speaks.

Bernard Salt, Former Partner, KPMG


  • Doing business differently
  • Courage
  • Resilience and transformation
  • Leading with kindness
  • Recovering from failure


  • Using words to influence
  • Nailing social media with heart
  • Leadership skills for every team member
  • Embracing difference: diversity and inclusion
  • Corporate courage

Lucy Bloom’s audiences vary enormously

They include: sales teams; executives; school students; graduates; medical professionals; finance industry teams; frontline workers; and government personnel. Lucy’s broad background as a CEO in advertising, health and international aid gives her many areas of expertise for conference presentations.

Lucy will adapt her content to suit your audience. She can also create new content to speak to the specific themes of your event. She’s never met a theme she cannot speak to and will bring a fresh approach to fire up your conference delegates.



Lucy will take you on a roller coaster ride full of fascinating experiences and business learnings. From a 27-year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer, Lucy knows how to do business differently. Discover why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan, why kindness and optimism feed your bottom line and how ordinary people do the extraordinary.

best conference speaker


Behind the mohawk is a sharp business woman who has developed the tools for personal resilience and adaptability through adversity: from a motorcycle accident which almost claimed her life to the epic challenges of the start up world and the NFP boardroom. Learn how to inspire optimism and create value in the face of adversity and change. And most importantly, discover why embracing change makes you live longer.

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Most of us will never jump out of a plane into a war zone or face a firing squad and neither has Lucy! But she has learned how the most courageous people face fear and push through. Discover how courage is not just the realm of front-line soldiers and learn how it is acts of everyday heroism that make the world go round. Lucy illustrates how to make courage an every day practice and why an apetite for risk is good for business.

Watch this rollercoaster ride on how courage is the core to true success.


Oh to be the poster girl for failure! Lucy Bloom has had her fair share of professional fails, smackdowns and sideswipes. After each failure, she has rebuilt, rebooted and come back for more, better than before. Discover Lucy’s five steps for bouncing back from failure. A crucial part of progress is learning from your errors and focussing forward to the win.

Lucy Bloom Speaker
Lucy Bloom Speaker
Conference Speaker

Thank you Lucy Bloom for the funniest inspiring speech ever! I could have listened to you speak all day. You were insightful, articulate and on point. You managed to weave humour into every angle to have the whole crowd’s attention the entire time. Amazing! Thank you, thank you.

Danni Petkovic, ArtsHub

A huge number of the attendees have said that Lucy’s speech was the highlight of their entire day. Thank you for being so engaging and well prepared! 

Courtney Lawler, SheLeads, Canberra

Lucy is a conference speaker with broad industry experience that can be applied to just about any conference audience or internal event.

Watch this video called Love and Other Drugs from when Lucy was the CEO of an international children’s charity.

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