There is no other conference speaker like Lucy Bloom. She lights up stages all over the world. Her audiences are left moved, motivated, energised and thoroughly entertained with unique, memorable presentations.

Lucy is an energetic conference speaker. Her style is fast-paced and fun, with presentations that are full of learnings to apply to work and life contexts.

Lucy’s areas of expertise are diverse and well-applied to a huge range of audience profiles. She speaks on themes that apply to broad business issues from leadership, and communication to business growth and funding. Her audiences are just as diverse as her expertise, from CEOs to board directors, midwives to mortgage brokers, government to small business, educators and agitators. Lucy speaks from experience and from the heart. She is often described as “raw, real and very funny.” Lucy Bloom has been a professional conference speaker for more than 15 years but is more relevant today than ever before.

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What clients say about Lucy

From the moment Lucy spoke, the whole audience was captivated. Her ability to entwine humour and compassion into a clear business message is like no other. Lucy Bloom is a highly recommended speaker.

Tim Carroll, National Partnership Manager, ANZ 

Lucy connects with her audience from the moment she walks on stage to the moment she is applauded off. She tells powerful stories and inspires with her insight into the human spirit. Lucy is an A-lister who delivers with impact every time she speaks.

Bernard Salt, Former Partner, KPMG


Lucy Bloom funny conference speaker and motivational speaker

Lucy Bloom presents from the magic spot between stand-up comedian and motivational speaker. If you want your people feeling motivated, inspired and ready to conquer, with a speaker who has the business experience to bring it all home, this is the topic for you. From a 30+ year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer, Lucy knows how to do business differently. Discover how to conquer the fears that hold you back, learn why fun should be a factor in your strategic plan and why change should be your superpower.

Lucy’s affable style delivered a keynote that was humorous, fascinating, insightful and interesting. Her delivery was engaging and participative, her ability to tap into shared human experiences based on her own experiences uncanny. She left our conference delegates wanting more. Highly recommend Lucy, what a way to kick off our conference!

itSMF Australia

Lucy Bloom innovation and futurist speaker

She’s the founder of an education start-up, led a creative agency for two decades and consulted in China-Australia innovation. If innovation fuels your engine and the future is where you’re headed, this is the conference speaker and the topic for you. Discover what’s in store as the world adapts to technologies that are going to radically change the way we live, work and innovate. In this speech you’ll learn how to create and inspire innovation with the mind and tools of a futurist even within frameworks of structure and bureaucracy.

Lucy ran the best session I have seen at a conference.

Kylie Challenger

We highly recommend Lucy to any organisation that is looking for a speaker who is smart, informed and funny. Your audience will love Lucy.”

Australian Finance Group

Lucy Bloom conference speaker, leading with kindness

As a recipient of a Kindness Award from the Wakeup Project and the founding CEO of an holistic women’s health charity, Lucy is your conference speaker when you are ready to implement kindness as a proven business strategy and essential part of psych-safety. Lucy has built a career on the science of kindness. Discover how to spread kindness like wildfire in a way that feeds back into your people and your bottom line. This unforgettable speech will have your delegates implementing a daily practice in kindness which will make them happier, healthier and more productive.

Our guests raved about how inspired Lucy left them all feeling. She is high energy and unapologetically direct.  Her content and delivery was pitch perfect for the group of business leaders we were hosting.

Commonwealth Bank

Watch Lucy’s sizzle reel.

Thank you Lucy Bloom for the funniest inspiring speech ever! I could have listened to you speak all day. You were insightful, articulate and on point. You managed to weave humour into every angle to have the whole crowd’s attention the entire time. Amazing!

Danni Petkovic, ArtsHub


You can’t raise millions of dollars for international aid charities without having a innate understanding of how to develop and keep trust. In this speech, you will discover the three fundamental keys to building trust, loyalty and certainty. You will understand the neuroscience of trust and then you’ll learn authentic everyday ways to do business and engage people to maintain their trust and build loyalty. You’ll laugh hard and learn fast. Expert conference speaker on trust: Lucy Bloom

Expert speaker on trust
Funny conference speaker

Lucy is one of the world’s most popular female speakers and International Women’s Day the perfect time of year to book her. IWD Lucy will inspire your people to commiserate, celebrate and take action for a more equitable future for women and girls. Delegates will leave with a tangible action list, a tingle from all the belly laughs and resolve to do better for women.
International Women’s Day speaker: Lucy Bloom

Watch this rollercoaster ride on how courage is the core to true success.

Lucy presented at our staff conference and from the moment she stepped onto the stage to when she finished, she had our delegates in the palm of her hand. Michelle Morley, Heritage Bank.

Watch this video called Love and Other Drugs from when Lucy was the CEO of an international children’s charity.

A huge number of the attendees have said that Lucy’s speech was the highlight of their entire day. Thank you for being so engaging and well prepared! 

Courtney Lawler, SheLeads, Canberra

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