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Meet Lucy Bloom, a business, leadership, and philanthropy powerhouse. With a career spanning diverse sectors over three decades, Lucy’s extraordinary accomplishments have had a tangible global impact.

Lucy’s professional journey is a testament to her exceptional leadership, entrepreneurial acumen, and strategic expertise. Over the course of two decades, she steered a boutique advertising agency to prominence, gaining a reputation for innovative thinking and fearless approach to complex challenges.

Then, as the inaugural CEO and director of a groundbreaking women’s health charity, Lucy orchestrated a remarkable fundraising campaign raising $7 million in under three years for a network of hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia. Her hands-on leadership and appetite for innovation were instrumental in advancing healthcare in Ethiopia for generations.

Lucy later took the helm of a Cambodian children’s charity, transforming it into a fundraising powerhouse within a year and leading the much-needed transition from traditional orphanage to community development model.

She’s the founder of a successful world-first education start-up, the author of three books, the host of her own podcast show and a contributor to CEO Magazine.

Lucy’s impact extends beyond her professional achievements. She is the first and only Australian to be recognised among the world’s top 30 #socialceos, and she has been honoured with a Kindness Award from the Wake-Up Project. Moreover, Lucy’s outstanding contributions have earned her both speaking and leadership awards, including being a two-time finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards.

Lucy’s exceptional leadership, entrepreneurial acumen, and strategic expertise have been hard-won over three decades of innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to kindness.

And what’s with the radical hair? Lucy Bloom has rocked a pink mohawk since 2014, because she can. 

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When she’s not boarding a plane to a really cool conference location, preparing for the next speech or researching an article, Lucy Bloom seeks maximum time in nature. Lucy has three children who are fast-becoming young adults. She lives by the beach in Sydney’s east with her French Bulldog, Frankie Fro-Fro.

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A handmade patchwork quilt from offcuts of 70s vintage bed linen (two years in the making so far)

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