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A Memoir

Get the Girls Out, A memoir of love, loss and letting loose.

Lucy’s openhearted interest in the world has taken her from working on a cattle farm in Australia to maternity hospitals in Ethiopia, from marshalling a cross-country carnival in northern Uganda to CEO briefings in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Hers has been a life of fighting for the underdog only to find out that, sometimes, the underdog is actually her. Taking all dramatic life-turns, side-steps and face-plants in her stride, Lucy has rebuilt her life every time, with love and adventure at its heart, plus a side order of mischief.

‘My deepest wish is that reading this book makes you want to do cool stuff, make plans, launch that business, pack your bags, shave your head, ride that horse, date that hottie, apply for that job, chuck that party – and, most of all, get your girls out, whatever that means for you.’

‘100% tear-jerking GOLD. For anyone who wants a belly laugh and a kick in the butt to live BIGGER. Lucy Bloom is pure gold!’ Anonymous user, Audible

‘Funny, insightful, moving and inspiring. This is such a great book and not just for the girls. It’s actually a really important read for men. Richard Field, Goodreads

Get the Girls Out authority
The Manuscript by Lucy Bloom

A Novel

The Manuscript, A story of revenge.

Fast paced, funny and ferocious, The Manuscript is a novel about a novel, and the unexpected ways that life smacks you in the face.

When author, Edith Scott finds herself free in many ways, she switches genres to write a book about war and men. As she learns hard lessons from those in her life who chew her up and spit her out, Edith writes them into her plot, killing them off with delight. But what she does not know is that real life is dealing with them in a parallel reality too brutal for words.

The Manuscript explores the sometimes disposable nature of modern relationships, the ruthlessness of karma, and the blurry line between truth and fiction.

‘This is one full cup of a book! It’s life at its most beautiful and cruelest all at once. It’s everything you want it to be. The serendipitous encounters of the characters will bring you joy, just as those train wreck encounters will shock you to the core. Do yourself a favour and read this book.’ Nicky Wright

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A Guide

Cheers to Childbirth, a dad’s guide to childbirth support

This much-loved man-manual has long been recommended by midwives, obstetricians and thousands of dads who have been through the gates of fatherhood with Cheers to Childbirth as their guide. It covers pain management, caesareans, home birth, hospital birth, breastfeeding – the lot.

Discover how to play an active role in the birth of your baby. Learn the secrets to success from others who have been through the gates of childbirth before you and start your role as a parent in the best way possible.

This book is available with an ebook of birth stories by blokes: From Lads to Dads, edited by Lucy Bloom.

‘Don’t step foot in the labour ward without reading this book.’ Danny Green, World Champion Boxer

‘This is the only childbirth book that guys need to read.’ Mark Occhilupo, World Champion Surfer

Cheers authority



Lucy was born on a farm in Africa and went to law school then art school before she began her career in advertising. She has always been a communicator: visually, verbally and the written word. 

In 2010, when she was neck-deep as the creative director of an advertising agency, Lucy Bloom wrote her first book – a niche title specifically written to solve a problem. Men are expected to attend the birth of their baby but no one was telling them how. 

Her second book, a memoir, was commissioned by HarperCollins and published in 2019. That book has become a calling card for Lucy’s approach to life: just give it a red hot go.

In 2021, when much of the world was in lockdown, Lucy wrote her third book and her first novel which was published in 2023. A sequel is on the make.