Here are the top 14 frequently asked questions about Lucy Bloom. If your question isn’t answered here, use the contact page to get in touch and we’ll get back to you, pronto.


How do I hire Lucy Bloom?

Contact us to check on availability and budget. Once these are agreed upon and  you confirm your booking with Lucy Bloom HQ, you will promptly receive a live booking form, a contract, and a 25% deposit invoice. The live booking form ensures all details, including any changes, are accessible to both your team and ours, avoiding any confusion over email. Your signed contract and deposit secure your dates in Lucy’s diary. We’ll then set a briefing call about two weeks before the event. Contact us now if you’re ready to book an unforgettable speech from Lucy Bloom.

Lucy’s diary is quite dynamic, accommodating everything from last-minute events to bookings made a year in advance. To ensure we can accommodate your preferred date, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible to check Lucy’s current availability.

Lucy is passport ready to travel just about anywhere in the world for events, as long as we have sufficient time to arrange her schedule. The world is her oyster, she has spoken at events in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, Spain, China, and beyond! Lucy particularly likes Fiji, outback Australia and the USA. She would really like to be booked for an event in Cost Rica… Book Lucy here.

Lucy Bloom presents on broadly relatable themes including courage, resilience, risk, kindness, change and leadership. Her top three topics are:

DOING BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY. This is Lucy’s most booked speech topic of all time. This presentation is adapted to your audience profile and includes universally relatable themes with the neuroscience and real-life examples to back it all up.

FUTURIST INNOVATION THINKING. Discover what’s in store as the world adopts and adapts to technologies that are radically changing the way we think and innovate. In this speech you’ll learn how to create and inspire innovation with the mindset and tools of a futurist even within frameworks of structure and bureaucracy.

LEADING WITH KINDNESS. As a recipient of a Kindness Award and the founding CEO of a holistic women’s health charity, Lucy Bloom is THE conference speaker when you are ready to implement kindness as a proven business strategy and essential part of psych-safety. Lucy has built a career on the science of kindness.

More about Lucy’s keynotes including outlines can be found here.

The client is responsible for covering costs related to travel, ground transfers, meals, and accommodation. The Lucy Bloom HQ team is happy to handle flight and accommodation bookings directly or leave it with the client to make group bookings, depending on your preferences. These are invoiced in advance. After your event you will be invoiced for any final incidental expenses such as Ubers and meals.

Yes. Always! No two speeches are the same. Lucy tailors her presentations based on the theme and goals of your event, the demographics of your audience, and the vision and values of your organisation, making sure her message lands like a jumbo jet. 

Yes. A pink mohawk pops particularly well on screen. Lucy is experienced in delivering speeches at both virtual and hybrid events and speaks with such energy and passion that you can’t forget her. 

Lucy prefers a headset mic but is happy to work with any microphone setup you have. She flies commando with no slide show as she speaks but likes to end with a QR code so that your audience can stay in touch with her. 

Yes! Lucy is more than happy to contribute to the event’s promotion. Just provide some guidelines and a deadline allowing plenty of time.

Usually not, and here’s why: Why Q and As are total fizzers

Yes, but please note that the recording should be used for internal purposes only and must be deleted from the servers within 60 days of the event. No more than 7% of the overall content of the speech may be used in recap videos used to promote the event or future events afterward. Lucy Bloom requires a copy of all video footage of her speech and attendance within 21 days of the event, for unrestricted use in her marketing. This is all covered in our contract.

Yes. Lucy would love to sell and autograph her books at the event with your permission. This gives your delegates a chance to meet and have photos too. Lucy Bloom HQ also offers a wholesale price on books for you to buy for your audience in advance for an Oprah ‘everyone gets a book!’ moment. More on Lucy Bloom titles here.

Not often. Almost never. About once a year Lucy donates her time as a speaker to a chosen charity which is usually Love Mercy Foundation in Uganda. If you want the best, you’ll need to budget for it. Contact Lucy Bloom HQ for rates.

Lucy works with clients to create the pace and atmosphere that carries their event from WELCOME right through to GOOD NIGHT, with lots of laughs in between. Awards nights MC, Gala Dinner MC, conference MC – Lucy and her lucky clipboard create the glue and momentum to deliver very special events.

Follow this link and fill in the brief online contact form to start a conversation with Lucy Bloom HQ. Chat soon!