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Lucy Bloom shares with us – in her raw, funny and heartfelt way – that life is for living, that bucket lists can be restrictive, that the “shoulds” stink and true generosity gives without demands. If you’re in the mood for a memoir with ‘tude and soul, then jump into this page turner and be prepared to examine your own choices and plan new adventures.

Jasmin Tragas, Goodreads.com

It’s so funny, insightful, moving and inspiring. This is such a great book and not just for the girls. It’s actually a really important read for men.

Richard Field, Goodreads.com

Recommended book 2023: Dip your toe into one of the best books you will read this year. Book recommendations and five-star reviews are well-earned by Get the Girls Out: a memoir of love, loss and letting loose.

100% tear-jerking GOLD. For anyone who wants a belly laugh and a kick in the butt to live BIGGER. Lucy Bloom is pure gold! Anonymous user, Audible

Bloom has an infectious wit and a funny, tell-it-as-it-is, no holds barred style of writing … How much living can one person do? Bloom proves you can do a hell of a lot if you really want to. Adam Courtenay, author

Stirring, straight-talking, incredibly inspiring, funny and full-on. Lucy Bloom is one of a kind, and so is her memoir. Rollicking, rude, brimful with joy, and written with a take-no-prisoners, bare-all honesty, this book is a call to arms. It’s a book to make you laugh out loud, nod your head in recognition, re-charge your life and let loose. And wait ’til you hear the audiobook.

Originally published by HarperCollins Publishers Australia 2019.
Second edition published by Flamingo Publishing for global distribution 2020.

I laughed so hard tea came out my nose. Thanks for the wake up call Lucy. Your stories change things, in lots of good ways. Jane Little, Audible

Lucy’s bravery and take-no-prisoners approach to life shine out of the pages of this book. Unflinchingly honest, this book makes you want to seize the day and have your own year of saying YES.

Belinda, Goodreads.com

Totally addictive! I read this book over one weekend. Lucy is an amazing story teller and has so much wisdom to share. Entertaining, honest and inspiring.

Jessica, Goodreads.com

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Lucy has a natural ability to take you on an adventure with every word. Melinda Hird, Goodreads.com

Recommended book 2020
Recommended book 2020
Lucy Bloom best memoir

Lucy’s openhearted interest in the world has taken her from jillarooing on a cattle farm to maternity hospitals in Ethiopia, from marshalling a cross-country carnival in northern Uganda to CEO briefings in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Hers has been a life of fighting for the underdog only to find out that, sometimes, the underdog is actually her. Taking all dramatic life-turns, side-steps and face-plants in her stride, Lucy has rebuilt her life every time, with love and adventure at its heart, plus a side order of mischief.


Highly recommended book 2023

5 star book reviews

Lucy’s journey is an epic one. I’d seen snippets of her over the years but reading behind the scenes was hilarious, inspiring and horrifying…

Sputnik Sputnik

Get the girls out is pure magic! Lucy has captured such a unique and inspirational approach that will leave you wanting to seize the day and do all the things you’ve been dreaming of. This is the kind of book that you just can’t put down.

Eloise Brady, Goodreads.com

Vulnerably exposing her joys, tears, fears and loves, her writing makes you feel like you were there experiencing it all as she was bravely saying YES to life after it kicked her up the wazoo…time and time again. Thanks for the laughs (there were many!) and the shocks and some tears Lucy; and thank you for the reminder to live life big, take risks and design my life on my terms.

Georgia Railton-Stewart

Funny, sad, amazing, motivating, awe inspiring. Lucy has had an amazing journey and writes it in a light hearted way. A truly inspiring woman who takes life by the balls. Totally recommend this book.

Debbie Gardener

Lucy shares a no-holds-barred view of her life. Sometimes brutally honest and shocking, other times deeply vulnerable and sensitive – in other words, authentic. No one is any one thing and Lucy has done a fantastic job of showing a fully rounded experience of being alive. I laughed, cried, and was inspired to keep chasing my own paths no matter how weird they may be to the outside world. A fantastic read.

Flic Manning, speaker

This book has everything you’d want from a memoir. Lucy shares her experiences with humour… and realness. You feel as if you’re experiencing these things (no spoilers) right alongside her. Lucy proves that anyone can lead an extraordinary life.

Grace McKay, Goodreads.com

Recommended book 2020
Best book reviews 2020

‘My deepest wish is that reading this book makes you want to do cool stuff, make plans, launch that business, pack your bags, shave your head, ride that horse, date that hottie, apply for that job, chuck that party – and, most of all, get your girls out, whatever that means for you.’ Lucy Bloom

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Run, don’t walk for this recommended book 2023

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