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'Lucy Bloom is one of the best keynote speakers I've ever heard. She is perfect for the current environment'

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Keynote speaker - creative thinker

Business Differently

This up to 60 minute speech is all killer, no filler
Laughs per minute: high

This is Lucy’s most booked speech topic of all time. This presentation is adapted to your audience profile and includes universally relatable themes with the neuroscience and real-life examples to back it all up. 

From prison officers to senior executives, nurses to mortgage brokers, this topic hits hard in all the right places and Lucy is the keynote speaker to deliver it. 

If you want your people feeling motivated, inspired and ready to conquer, with a speaker who has the business acumen and life experience to bring it all home, this is the topic and the keynote speaker for you. From a 30+ year career as a master communicator, world changer and trailblazer, Lucy knows how to do business differently.

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Keynote speaker - innovation expert


This up to 60 minute speech is all killer, no filler
Ah-ha moments: many
AI demos: none

She’s the founder of an education start-up, led a creative agency for two decades, disrupted the not-for-profit sector and consulted in China-Australia innovation. If new ideas fuel your engine and the future is where you’re headed, this is the conference speaker and the topic for you. 

Discover what’s in store as the world adopts and adapts to technologies that are radically changing the way we think and innovate. In this speech you’ll learn how to create and inspire innovation with the mindset and tools of a futurist even within frameworks of structure and bureaucracy.

Take homes include but not limited to:

Keynote speaker - leadership expert

Leading with

This up to 60 minute speech
is a life-changer
Laughs per minute: high

As a recipient of a Kindness Award and the founding CEO of a holistic women’s health charity, Lucy Bloom is THE keynote speaker when you are ready to implement kindness as a proven business strategy and essential part of psych-safety and longevity. Lucy has built a career on the science of kindness.

Discover how to spread kindness like wildfire in a way that feeds back into your people and your bottom line. This unforgettable speech will have your delegates implementing a daily practice in kindness which will make them happier, healthier and more productive.

Take homes include but not limited to:

Lucy Bloom empowers people to unlock leadership potential, navigate challenges creatively and cultivate kindness, enabling positive change for a more compassionate, successful world.

Your Master of Ceremonies

As your MC, Lucy creates the pace and atmosphere that carries your event from WELCOME right through to GOOD NIGHT. Awards nights MC, Gala Dinner MC, conference MC – Lucy and her lucky clipboard create the glue and momentum to deliver very special events.

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