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Lucy’s openhearted interest in the world has taken her from working on a cattle farm in Australia to maternity hospitals in Ethiopia, from marshalling a cross-country carnival in northern Uganda to CEO briefings in the back of a tuk-tuk in Cambodia. Hers has been a life of fighting for the underdog only to find out that, sometimes, the underdog is actually her. Taking all dramatic life-turns, side-steps and face-plants in her stride, Lucy has rebuilt her life every time, with love and adventure at its heart, plus a side order of mischief.


Fast paced, funny and ferocious, The Manuscript is a novel about a novel, and the unexpected ways that life smacks you in the face. The Manuscript explores the sometimes disposable nature of modern relationships, the ruthlessness of karma, and the blurry line between truth and fiction.


This much-loved man-manual has long been recommended by midwives, obstetricians and thousands of dads who have been through the gates of fatherhood with Cheers to Childbirth as their guide. It covers pain management, caesareans, home birth, hospital birth, breastfeeding – the lot.
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