CLUNK! That’s the sound of The Lucy Bloom Show dropping into a vacuum of ‘nobody asked for this!’ But sometimes you get something you didn’t realise you desperately needed. This is a podcast with storytelling at its heart. You’ll find new eps, when I feel like making them, anywhere you get your podcast fix. If you love it, GREAT! If you don’t, then it wasn’t made for you…


Ep 2 – Kayak Lizard

Kayak Lizard

What do a kayak and a water dragon have in common? Lucy Bloom, that’s what.

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Ep 1 – Learning to Drive

Learning to Drive

I think the best sound track for a difficult drive would be musical theatre, don’t you?

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Trailer – The Lucy Bloom Show

The Lucy Bloom Show

Welcome to The Lucy Bloom Show – a one-woman podcast. As the name suggests, there will be no guests on this show. This is a show full of stories told from my life on the road as a motivational speaker.

More about me can be found here.

Podcast with Lucy Bloom

The Recovery Room is a podcast especially for readers and listeners of Get the Girls Out. You know when you finish a really good book and there is a little bit of grief for the lost adventure as the book is finished and then you need a debrief? Well this is the podcast for you: interviews with some of the magnificent humans who are featured in the pages of Get the Girls Out. Plus a few extras who might not be mentioned by name but their influence is palpable. Subscribe wherever you prefer to listen to podcasts…

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Episode summaries

Ep 13 – dreams

Doc Hinds

Doc is a dream therapist, a truck driver, a bodyboard surfer and an actor. There really is no one on planet earth quite like Doc. He loves tattoos, bourbon, fast motorcycles and a ciggie. But he also loves tropical aquariums, anything pineapple flavour and can play the didgeridoo.

Ep 12 – giddyup!

Mandy Retzlaff

Mandy is a farmer, author and horsewoman. She was born in Ghana, grew up in South Africa and Zimbabwe but these days lives with her husband Pat and a herd of 47 horses on the coast of Mozambique where they host horse safaris in paradise. Mandy has a huge heart and a life story you need to read to believe.

Ep 11 – avos and hand sanitiser

Bernard Avo Salt

Bernard Salt, a demographer, speaker and writer. For several decades, he has studied population and economic shifts as indicators for the future and then helped explain them to the rest of us. He has his own language and authority from Her Majesty the Queen to make up new words as required. I might have made that last bit up…

Ep 10 – Books, boys and bravery

Jane Caro

Jane is an athiest and an “equal opportunity disliker of all religions”. She’s written, edited or contributed to 11 books and a bazzillion articles on a bunch of touchy subjects – religion, feminism, sexual assault, education – and has personally had a powerful effect on my writing. Image credit: thejaneproject.com

Ep 9 – Negotiation ninja

Greg Bloomfield

Greg is the man behind FairGo, influencing politicians with gobsmacking results. He’s a skilled negotiator and you’ll want him on your team if the bank is talking foreclosure but you’d rather they wipe the debt. Greg explains how dealing with banks and pollies is just like cattle farming.

Ep 8 – dudes and a dry martini

Carrina Hampton

When I was looking to sell a business in 2013, I wanted to sell the program to someone who would love it but with military precision. Carrina Hampton was the perfect person to take over the baby I had created – Beer + Bubs, childbirth education for dads at the pub – and to grow it into something bigger and better.

Ep 7 – impact and mango trees

Georgie Camp

Georgie Camp’s work has taken her to remote villages where women have taught her that worry is a peace-time luxury and that loving who you are is the most important metric. With Gina Rhinehart in her corner, Georgie has learned that impact is a long game and that dance-offs after village meetings are essential.

Ep 6 – Fear and generosity

Tim McDonald

Tim is a gatherer of skills and good people. When he started using Twitter way back 2009 to sell real estate, he would never have guessed that those skills would lead him to the role of Head of Community for the Huffington Post. Generosity runs through his veins but it is fear that interests him most.

Ep 5 – Madagascar

Peter Schaffler

Pete, his wife Kara and three young sons spent a decade as missionaries in the remote south-west of Madagascar, home to the best surfing in the world. This is the kind of place where the cops rent out their guns to bandits at night and where crayfishing involves condoms. Now Pete knows way too much about armpit bacteria

Ep 4 – Dangerous

Katie McMurray

Katie is an ex-publicist and writing coach who helps others find their written voice. At the age of 53 she decided she’d learn to surf. She’s the kind of lady who can summons a nude swim by group text at 10pm on a hot Sunday night in summer and 12 women will appear out of nowhere in the dark…

Ep 3 – Ghosts and cannibals

Adam Courtenay

When you google Adam Courtenay it says “son of Australia’s best-loved storyteller, Bryce Courtenay.” Adam is a successful author in his own right, despite his father telling him his first book probably belonged back on the shelf. His genre is historical non-fiction – a much tougher gig than making up stories.

Ep 2 – Jaws of a lion

Richard Field

Richard is a safari guide, leading groups, and sometimes celebrities and billionaires, on adventures to places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana. In 1999, Rich was attacked by a lioness protecting her cubs. In the years after the attack, Richard realised he would only be able to heal once he started to tell his story.

Ep 1 – Optimist

Rosemary Schaffler

Rosemary Schaffler was born in South Africa in 1940. Faith, hope and love run through her veins. In this episode, she talks about growing up with hopeful, optimistic parents during World War II and beyond, how she’s not easily offended and that forgiveness is key. She also goes by the royal title of Lucy’s Mum.

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