Receive an $800 referral fee* when you recommend Lucy Bloom for a successfully booked full-fee keynote speaking gig.
*Conditions apply

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Refer Lucy Bloom for a keynote speaking engagement, and if your personal referral results in a successfully booked full-fee keynote speaking gig, you will receive an $AUD800 referral fee. Ready, set, go!


1. Referrer Eligibility

To be eligible for this referral offer, you must have an established professional relationship with Lucy Bloom.

2. Referral Qualification

Referrals are qualified when the client states the name of the referee in their event booking form.

3. Successfully Booked Full-Fee Keynote Speaking Gig

– A “successfully booked full-fee keynote speaking gig” refers to a speaking engagement in which Lucy Bloom is contracted and paid the full fee as agreed upon with the client, of $8000+GST. The engagement must be confirmed, delivered and payment received by Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited to trigger the referral fee.

– You will be notified in writing if your referral results in a successfully booked full-fee keynote speaking gig.

4. Referral Fee Payment

– If your referral leads to a successfully booked full-fee keynote speaking engagement, you will be eligible to receive an $AUD800 referral fee. The referee is required to supply Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited a tax invoice for $800+GST.

– Referral fees will be paid no more than 30 days after Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited receives payment from the referred client.

5. Referral Limitations

– You may refer multiple clients, but each referral is subject to review and approval by Lucy Bloom’s team.

– Referrals cannot be claimed as rebates if you are the booking client.

– Referrals cannot be made for events or engagements that have already been in discussion with Lucy Bloom or her team or any of her booking agents prior to the referral.

– Referral fees are paid on the initial booking only and do not apply to future bookings with the referred client.

6. Termination or Modification

– Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited reserves the right to modify or terminate this referral offer at any time without prior notice.

– Referral fees are subject to change at the discretion of Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited.

7. Compliance with Applicable Laws

All referrals must comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

8. Tax Liability

– It is your responsibility to report and pay any applicable taxes on the referral fee in accordance with your local tax laws.

By participating in this referral offer, you agree to these conditions. Flamingo Bloom Pty Limited reserves the right to make the final decision regarding eligibility for referral fees and the terms of any speaking engagements resulting from referrals.